Road Salt

Road Salt

ZIRCON’s superior distribution network and dedicated customer service team ensure that you get the road salt you need reliably and economically, no matter where you are located. We also have the expertise to make planning, storage and delivery much easier.

Formulated specifically for low temperatures, our specialty deicers fight your harshest weather. ZIRCON trades a wide range of innovative products, so can count on us to provide you with the road salt you need.

Thawrox is a high-performance highway deicing product that blends traditional road salt with several liquid deicing additives, including sugars found in renewable products such as corn and sugar cane. It delivers exceptional cold weather deicing performance and expanded melting capacity. Reduced “bounce and scatter” keeps Thawrox where it has been applied. With fewer trips required to keep roads clear, you can reduce applications by 25 to 50 percent, and labor and equipment costs can be reduced as well.

Thawrox has minimal impact on application equipment and the environment, and its distinctive color makes it easy to see where it has been applied. This solid, granular product contains additives to help reduce or eliminate stockpile leaching.

As the leading high-performance liquid deicing product, ZIRCON offers unsurpassed low-temperature performance and melting capacity. An extremely flexible product, the product can be used by itself or with an agricultural tank-mix partner in nearly any liquid anti-icing, deicing or stockpile treatment program.