Our Team

Khaled Sakr


Khaled is Chief Operating Officer at ZIRCON. He brings with him over 20 years of experience in management and senior leadership roles. He has been working at the Rotary International since 2013. Prior to coming to ZIRCON,Khaledheld senior positions at Maeskr Line.

Ahmed Abd El-motelebLotfy


Ahmed is Chief Marketing Officer at ZIRCON. He is a passionate believer in digital marketing. Ahmed strives to instill his passion especially for business development practice.

Josaline Yu

Senior Marketing Expert

Josaline is Senior Marketing Expert at ZIRCON. She has a broad and deep understanding of ZIRCON’s strategic commodities and services that we are going to offer.

Linnan Jiang

Business Developer

Linnan is Business Developer at ZICON. She is keen to making sustainable development and using other inclusive, holistic approaches to developing ZIRCON’s international industry and trading of strategic commodities.